3 Best Hikes in Bannf National Park

Image by travel_vogue/Instagram

The best way to explore Bannf National Park in Alberta is to go on a hike. A hike to Bow Glacier Falls is a three-mile round trip.

You will find the trail-head north from Lake Louise on Icefield’s Parkway. It is clearly marked near the Num Ti Jah Lodge. The terrain is quite rocky and meanders across creeks and streams before you arrive at the falls.

Experienced and inexperienced hikers alike are able to handle a hike to Johnston Canyon. Several waterfalls fill the canyon with clear mountain water and vibrant green growth clings to the walls of the canyon.

The trail-head is found between Castle Junction and Lake Louise on Bow Valley Parkway. The trail is sturdily constructed, making it safe even in wet weather. You have to hike for nearly four miles before reaching the first falls, but the total elevation gain is only 335 feet.

Parker Ridge is a short hike, taking you from forest to alpine terrain. The trail-head is found on Icefields Parkway just beyond the Big Bend hairpin turn.


The trail starts at a high elevation and takes you even higher so you need to wear warm clothes. Below is the Saskatchewan glacier, a 3.2 miles long slow-moving river of ice.