3 Best Ways to Avoid Food Waste During Your Travels

A food market in Spain
Photo by ja ma on Unsplash

Food waste is something that many people deal with in their daily lives, and this issue follows them when they hit the road. If you hate throwing food away during your travels, these tips will help you minimize food waste or eliminate it altogether.

Don’t Go Overboard

You may be tempted to buy a lot of food when shopping in a new country, but make sure not to go overboard. This especially applies to food that can’t stay fresh for too long, such as veggies and fruits, because it’s too much trouble to carry them with you as you move to the next city.

Plan Accordingly

When buying groceries, keep in mind how long you’re sticking around at your current destination. Less is more in this case, because you’ll feel tempted to eat out and try street foods at some point, and your groceries might go to waste. If you don’t want to take them on the road with you, check if your hostel has space for free food in the fridge and kitchen.

Take Leftovers

If you’re eating out and the portions are too big, don’t be embarrassed to ask for leftovers. By doing so, you’ll save money on your next meal, because you can simply reheat the leftovers instead of buying groceries and cooking a whole new meal.