3 Cities With the Most Beautiful Skylines in the World

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New York City skyline. Photo by Jonathan Riley on Unsplash

What makes a city great to visit? Is it the food? The culture? The awesome activities? It certainly is all of those things, but it’s also that indefinable feeling of bliss you get when you gaze out into the distance. When you see the skyline of a city, decorated with its array of unique skyscrapers, you feel a certain energy that’s impossible to replicate anywhere else. Here are the cities with the most gorgeous skylines in the world.

Hong Kong, China

The skyscrapers in China are simply some of the most beautiful we’ve ever seen. With 43 of its buildings standing over 200 meters, it provides a breathtaking view for both tourists and locals. Since four of its buildings are among the 15 tallest in the world, you can understand why it’s incredible to look at from afar.

New York, USA

They don’t call New York City the concrete jungle for nothing. But isn’t that what makes the New York skyline so charming? It holds so much magic and history, both in the real world and endless Hollywood blockbusters. How could you not feel chills on your skin?

Tokyo, Japan

Looking at the Tokyo skyline during the night might be one of the most alluring things on this planet. The myriad of neon lights tells a story of modern technology and aesthetic beauty all at the same time, and its innovative architecture continues to push boundaries as well. Add the distant view of Mount Fuji into the mix, and you’ve got yourself a true wonder.