3 Secrets About Choosing Your Plane Seat

Choosing plane seats
Photo by Gerrie van der Walt on Unsplash

Are you a newbie to plane travel and looking for some advice when it comes to selecting your plane seat? Look no further! I would like to guide you through the best process for picking a seat when it’s time to hit the air. These tips will help you get through the process as cheaply and easily as possible.

Legroom is King

No matter where you are traveling or how long the flight is, the number one thing which contributes to your comfiness and happiness on an airplane is the amount of legroom you have. Always try for aisle or exit row seats that give you space to stretch out, especially if you are tall.

Paying to “Upgrade” Isn’t Always Worth It

Airlines have begun offering “upgrades” which allow you to move to seats with supposedly more legroom if you pay while booking. However, keep in mind that the cost probably outweighs the benefit and that there is a good chance that some of these seats will be vacant and open for the taking when you board.

Check the Seat Map to Game the System

The online seat map for flights is a great tool that you can use in order to “game” the system when looking for a good seat. You might see that there is a large section without any other passengers, which could give you lots of space to spread out.