Costa Rica Will Take Your Breath Away With its Epic Volcanoes

Costa Rica volcanos
Costa Rica. Photo by Fabio Fistarol on Unsplash

Just like many other countries on the Caribbean shores, Costa Rica is best known for its unrivaled natural beauty. Passionate adventure seekers can’t resist its charm because it’s home to numerous volcanoes, and these three are the most popular with tourists visiting this country.

Irazú Volcano

The highest active volcano in all of Costa Rica, Irazú is a heaven on Earth for hikers and adrenaline junkies. If you’re lucky enough to visit it on a clear day, you might even get amazing views of the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean, but its green crater lake is also a sight to behold.

Arenal Volcano

Despite its frequent activity, Arenal is one of Costa Rica’s most popular tourist attractions. It’s located at the very center of Arenal Volcano National Park, and you’ll get to discover many lava fields, hot springs, and rainforest trails if you join a hiking tour taking you to its heart.

Poás Volcano

Poás is another active volcano in Costa Rica that’s not struggling to attract tourists. The surrounding Poás Volcano National Park has been closed to visitors on several occasions due to eruptions, making it difficult but extra-exciting to plan a visit to this volcano known for its stunning crater lakes.