3 Cocktails That Will Take You on a Journey

Photo by Tomasz Rynkiewicz on Unsplash

When traveling is limited, we need to be more creative in attempts to explore the world. One of the best parts of traveling is exploring the local food and drinks, so you can recreate the experience at home by having a Traveler’s Cocktail Night! Here are our favorites just so you get some ideas.

Pisco Sour from Peru

Pisco Sour is a simple cocktail that you can find everywhere in Peru. All you need is one part of Simple syrup, one part egg whites, one part lime juice, and three parts Pisco. Shake all the ingredients together and enjoy.

Spritz from Italy

Using only three ingredients, you can make legendary Italian spritz at home. Depending on the regions, the Italians use Aperol, Select, or Campari, mix it with white wine (or prosecco), and sparkling water.

Melosa from Portugal

Medronho is a spirit made from Medronho berries that’s unique to Portugal. It’s used to make Melosa cocktail, along with honey, cinnamon, and lemon.