3 Cute Villages to Visit in Italy

Manarola, Italy
Manarola, Italy. Photo by Robert Anitei on Unsplash

Italy is a big and beautiful country and one of the best things to do while visiting is to check out some of its off-the-beaten-path villages. All over the country are smaller villages, many of which still have quite a bit of history and provide a quiet getaway. Wherever you’re planning to travel in the country, here are three villages to visit if you’re nearby.


Located right on the coastline between Genoa and Florence, Manarola is built up on a rock face overlooking the ocean. It’s got picture-perfect views and a couple of spots for deep-water swimming. It’s also known for Sciacchetrà, a sweet dessert wine popular and known all over the country.


For cinephiles who find themselves in Sicily, Savoca is a must-see as it was one filming location of the film The Godfather. Beyond being a part of Hollywood history, it also has lovely historic churches, views of the Ionian see, and cobbled walkways perfect for any getaway.


This medieval fortress of a village is not far from Siena, nestled in Tuscan fields and surrounded by a wall dating back to the 13th-century. If you’re visiting in July, it’s a perfect time to check out their yearly Medieval Festival to really experience life in the middle ages!