3 Family-Friendly Attractions That You Shouldn’t Miss in Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis, Indiana
Image via visitindiana/Instagram

Indianapolis is best known as the racing capital of the world, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. The capital of Indiana is also an amazing kid-friendly destination since it’s home to many fun and interactive attractions that you can visit with your entire family.

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Indianapolis is home to many amazing museums, covering everything from art, culture, and even racing history, but this one is the most suitable for children. It’s the world’s largest children’s museum and you can find everything from a planetarium and carousel to science labs and dinosaur gallery on its premises.

White River State Park

Indianapolis is home to many amazing urban parks, and the White River State Park is one of the very best because it offers the widest range of different activities. In addition to being home to the Indianapolis Zoo and a myriad of cultural venues, it’s also a popular spot for gondola rides and Wheel Fun rentals.

Indianapolis Zoo

If a visit to a zoo happens to be your idea of family fun, Indianapolis Zoo is one of the city’s must-see attractions. It covers an enormous area of 64 acres with 1,400 animals and 50,000 plants and encompasses a zoo, public aquarium, and botanical garden on its premises.