3 Great Things to Do in Buenos Aires

Photo by Sander Crombach on Unsplash

Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires is a city that bursts with life. It’s a favorite destination of many travelers and many people’s favorite city in South America. If you still have to discover its wonders, here’s our shortlist of three things you can do there.

Go Out for a Dinner

No trip is complete without trying local cuisine, and Buenos Aires has so many great restaurants that you’ll want to visit. Argentinian steak with some local wine is a classic choice, but don’t forget to also explore the city’s cafes and craft beer bars.

Sunday Market

San Telmo Sunday Market is a perfect stop for getting gifts and souvenirs. It’s one of the best attractions in the city and a place where you can find all the things you never knew you needed. 

Watch a Tango Show

Watching a Tango show at the birthplace of the dance is something you shouldn’t miss. There are many places you can go for this experience, so choose between big theatre performances and small venues that have a more intimate feel. You won’t be wrong whatever you choose. Enjoy a unique night out and let the dancers mesmerize you.