Michelle Halpern Wants You to Stop Living for the Weekends and Start Living NOW

We all look forward to the weekends—some time off our busy schedules when we can relax and enjoy ourselves. But what if you could stop living for the weekends and actually start living NOW? Travel blogger Michelle Halpern wants to get this uplifting message across, inspiring her many followers online to live like it’s the weekend.

“My goal is to show you that if you want to make travel happen in your life, it’s truly possible,” writes Halpern on her website. “I’m here to guide you along the way, whether you’re struggling with money to pay for travel, feel held back by the schedule of a 9-to-5, or simply get stressed just at the thought of planning a trip in the first place, I’m here for you girl. YOU GOT THIS.”

Halpern puts her money where her mouth is, providing through her blog not only valuable and tangible information that you can use throughout your adventures, but also inspiring us to dream a little bigger and live a bit more fully. And with this past year being especially hard for tourism, Halpern also acknowledges the importance of treating yourself with kindness and copassion.

“I was supposed to be leaving this morning for a road trip up the Pacific Coast Highway to Big Sur, but in true 2020 style it was cancelled yesterday less than 24 hours before our departure,” she wrote in a recent Instagram post. “If this year has taught me anything, it’s to roll with the punches. There will be another time and place for this trip. I know so many of you have had to cancel things this year: trips, weddings, festival tickets, birthday parties, honeymoons. The list goes on. Know that you’re not alone in grieving the things you’ve had to cancel.”

Having visited more than 40 countries in 6 continents, her experiences and insight, both online and offline, are worth following.

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I stumbled on an old journal earlier this week that had entries from back in 2012, right around the time I was deciding to close the chapter on my NYC life and move out to California. Reading through all of the nervous uncertainty with the knowing now of how everything has turned out was cathartic to say the least. Then as I flipped through the pages, there were a few more entries from my early days in LA circa 2013. Lists of things I wanted to accomplish and tick off the bucket list so to speak. There was a list of "places I need to see before I die": Thailand, Bali, Fiji, Morocco, Positano, Australia and Iceland…all but one of which I've since explored. There were things like "start a blog" – check. "Travel overseas by myself" – check. And then there was the line that really got me: "I secretly wish I was a photographer." Without seeing it coming, I burst into tears. Not because it made me sad, but because in that moment I felt more pride than I have in a long time. I felt so much love for that girl that was trying to find her place in the world in her late 20s and so much love for the 33 year old woman I've become, even if I don't give myself enough credit most of the time. I know you probably don't give yourself enough credit either. This year has seemed like a step back in progress for many of us, but I urge you to take a minute to reflect. Think about your 2012 self. Your 2014 self. Your 2017 self. What were your hopes and dreams then and where are you now? Progress is happening, I promise. Sometimes we just need a little perspective to see it clearly 💛

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