3 Hidden Costs of Budget Airlines to Keep in Mind

There’s nothing better than saving a few bucks when traveling, and budget airlines have become a prime opportunity to do so with their emergence over the past couple of decades.

These airlines generally offer up dramatically lower airfare choices than traditional airlines, making them an attractive option for saving money. However, there can be some additional costs you’ll need to keep in mind when booking your tickets with them in order to judge whether the savings are really worth it or not. 

Here are some of the hidden costs you should consider.

Transportation from Airports to Cities

Budget airlines generally operate from airports that are farther outside big city centers and considered secondary airports. It’s usually more expensive to get to and from these budget-friendly airports than it is to a big city’s main airport, which might end up coming back to bite you.

Food and Drink

Are you one of those people who has to get something to eat or drink while flying? You certainly won’t get this for free when flying on budget airlines, and the prices they charge for food and drink are generally exorbitant. Keep this in mind, and plan ahead by bringing your own snacks and drinks if you want to save.

Booking Fees

You might be surprised when booking online with a budget airline to find out you have to pay extra dollars to simply pay for the flight. These “booking fees” are common practice on budget airlines, and while they aren’t super expensive, they can end up raising the advertised fare.