3 Hidden Gems of Portugal to Check Out

In recent years, the cities of Lisbon and Porto have become sought-after destinations for travelers from all around the world. However, if you’ve already gotten the chance to visit these two exceptional cities, and want to see more of Portugal, check out some of the country’s amazing hidden gems.

Costa Nova

Costa Nova used to be a fisherman village but is now a coastal resort town, renowned for its colorful striped houses and fish market. The spirit of fishing is still very much present in the town, and unsurprisingly, it boasts some beautiful beaches.

Casa do Penedo

Located in Moreira do Rei, near Fafe in the north of Portugal, this strange stone house is sandwiched between four massive rocks, similar to the outer walls of a castle. The house, which was inspired by the Flintstones, was built in 1970 and is still used as a holiday home by the owners.

Buçaco Palace

Situated in the historic Buçaco Forest, the Buçaco Palace is one of Portugal’s most photogenic landmarks. The palace gardens and some areas in the building itself used to be part of the Order of Discalced Carmelites convent established in 1628. It was then turned into a palace in the 19th century but was soon turned into a luxury hotel.