3 Honeymoon Destinations That Will Look Amazing on Your Instagram

Cancun, Mexico. Photo by David Emrich on Unsplash

Choosing a destination for your honeymoon is more difficult than ever. You have an opportunity for a trip of a lifetime as a celebration of your new marriage and you want everything to be perfect, but you also want your honeymoon photos to look great on your social media. This adds another level of pressure, but there are some places we can suggest to you if you can’t make a decision.



Greece is a popular honeymoon destination and also a place where you can take incredible photos. It has diverse beauty so you can choose one of its beautiful islands in the summer or tour the country and explore its history and nature. Need further directions? You can’t go wrong with Santorini.


Cancun is a top Mexican destination for newlyweds. Not only you’ll get to snap some beautiful photos, but you can also enjoy the beach parties and many different activities in the city and around it.


Many couples travel to Hawaii for a honeymoon that also includes stunning backdrops for social media photos. You can absolutely have both and Hawaii is the proof—enjoy all the amazing things it has to offer and snap some photos to share with friends!