3 Picture-Perfect Natural Wonders That You Can Only Find in Chile

Marble caves in Patagonia Chile
Marble caves in Patagonia Chile. Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash

Chile is worth the visit for its natural beauty alone and many of the natural wonders you’ll find in this country are one of a kind. From volcanoes and geysers to caves and unusual rock formations, here are three-picture perfect spots that will make you fall in love with Chile’s nature.

Marble Caves

Mother Nature truly outdid herself when creating one of Chile’s most Instagram-friendly attractions. Marble Caves have to be seen to be believed and they’re safely tucked away underneath an unusual rock formation in Chile Chico. They were created by 6,200 years of erosion as waves crashed into their calcium carbonate cliffs,

Valle de la Luna

Valle de la Luna aka Valley of the Moon will make you feel like you stepped on the surface of the Moon. This desert landscape near San Pedro de Atacama looks straight out of this world thanks to its pink-streaked mountains, unique rock formations, and scenic sunsets.

El Tatio

If you want to see over 80 geysers in one place while in Chile, El Tatio is the place to be. Located in the very heart of the Andes Mountains, this is the third-largest geyser field in the world, and over 100,000 tourists visit it every year to view the geysers, bath in hot springs, and enjoy their natural scenery.