3 Places Every Book Lover Should Visit in São Paulo, Brazil

The obelisk of Sao Paulo in Ibirapuera Park.
The obelisk of Sao Paulo in Ibirapuera Park. Image by cifotart/Depositphotos

São Paulo has something in store for travelers from all walks of life, and you’ll feel right at home here if you’re obsessed with books. This Brazilian metropolis is known for the charm of its libraries and bookstores, and here are three that will satisfy your book-loving soul.

Livraria Cultura

Livraria Cultura is a popular bookstore chain in São Paulo, with several locations around the city. None of them compares to the Avenida Paulista branch, situated inside a renovated movie theater Cine Astor, with a famous wooden dragon statue watching over the visitors while they search for their next favorite book.

Livraria da Vila

Livraria da Vila is another popular bookstore chain with humble beginnings. What started as one location with artsy and cultural books transformed into a chain of around 10 bookstores, and they’ll all win you over with their modern design and vast collection of books, covering many different genres.

Biblioteca Mário de Andrad

São Paulo’s libraries are also worth exploring, and Biblioteca Mário de Andrad should be at the top of your list. It became one of Brazil’s most important cultural institutions since opening its doors in 1925, and its collection of 3.2 million items includes everything from rare books to maps and prints.