3 Places in the World to Eat the Best Sweet Breakfast

Vienna, Austria
Vienna, Austria. Photo by Leyre . on Unsplash

Are you a fan of sweet or savory breakfast? It seems like most people don’t enjoy eating sweet food first thing in the morning, but those who do know how satisfying it can be. If you’d like to try some of the best sweet breakfasts internationally, here are the best places to do that.

Austria – Kaiserschmarrn

This shredded pancake dish translates to “emperor’s mess” and it was named after the Austrian emperor Franz Joseph I, who was apparently a big fan. It was a popular dish in the mid-19th century which is why you can find it in other countries, too, like Hungary, Slovenia, and Croatia.

France – Bostock

Simple yet delicious, bostock is the dish the French make instead of French toast. It’s typically made with brioche bread and sweetened with syrup before adding toppings like almond cream (frangipane) and sliced almonds. If you want to eat French toast in France, ask for pain perdu, which translates to lost bread and is made using stale bread slices.

The Netherlands – Hagelslag

If you make buttered toast and add sprinkles on top, you got hagelslag, the typical sweet breakfast in the Netherlands. You can use chocolate, rainbow, or anise sprinkles, depending on your mood.