3 Most Interesting Things to Do in Kenya

Kenya. Photo by Sergey Pesterev on Unsplash

Many people think that there isn’t much to do in Kenya besides safari and observing wildlife. But there is much more adventure awaiting if you are up for it. Kenya is the number one travel destination in East Africa. It has 536 kilometers of coastline with some awesome beaches and nightlife, and it also has some high-altitude mountains if you like mountain climbing. Here are some interesting things that you could do in Kenya.

Enjoy Diani Beach

Surrounded by the warm Indian ocean, counting many beach resorts, this is the best beach destination in Africa. It’s located around 30 kilometers south of Mombasa. With powdery white sand and crystal blue water, this is what many would call tropical paradise. The beach is perfect for snorkeling, and everything else!

Ride the Famous Nairobi-Mombasa Train

Nairobi Mombasa railway path was originally built by the British, to connect Uganda with the sea. Construction started in 1896 at Mombasa and reached Lake Victoria in 1901. Originally it was dubbed as “Lunatic Express” because many thought that it was crazy to build a railroad through the African bushes. This famous infrastructure line was completely modernized in 2017 with a total investment of around 2.3 billion dollars.

Visit Lake Turkana

Formerly known as Lake Rudolf, this is a lake in the Kenyan Rift Valey, in the northern part of Kenya. Lake Turkana is home to the largest colony of crocodiles. If that’s not exciting for you, it also has three active volcanos, three crater lakes, and beaches with black sand. It doesn’t seem like it changed much from millions of years ago. If you appreciate the untouched nature, and a little bit of danger attached to it, don’t miss the opportunity to visit this lake.