3 Reasons to Add Bangkok, Thailand to Your Travel List

Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand. Photo by Florian Wehde on Unsplash

If you’re searching for the perfect place for your next exciting trip, then the capital of Thailand could be the ideal choice. There’s so much to see within the bustling streets and you won’t run out of things to do. Here are just three of the many reasons to visit this incredible place.

Street Food

Thai food is popular worldwide, and the various street food vendors dotted throughout Bangkok are a cheap, authentic, and delicious way to try some incredible dishes. You’ll find stalls popped up everywhere, including some floating ones on the river. Some of the best-known specialties are pad thai and mango sticky rice, but be sure to check out the crab omelet too. 

Incredible Buildings

Bangkok has some stunning architecture throughout the city. The Grand Palace is an absolute must, where you will find beautiful big royal halls and awe-inspiring temples. There are numerous temples across the city as well, including the Wat Pho which has a huge statue of the Buddha.

Chao Phraya River

Running throughout Bangkok, this lovely river has a network of canals across the city linking up different areas. You can hop on river cruises to explore the buzzing city from a different perspective.