3 Reasons to Do a Cycling Holiday in France

Cycling in France
Photo by Big Dodzy on Unsplash

France is a great place for a vacation of any kind, but if you’ve ever considered doing a bike tour of an area then France should be top of your list. Hosting the Tour de France each year, it’s not surprising that it’s popular with cyclists. Here are just three reasons to plan a cycling trip across this beautiful country. 

Perfect Cycling Roads

French roads are well-known for being wide and open. You’ll find long straight roads that you can whizz along without having to worry about sharp corners and steep inclines. There’s also barely any traffic on most of the roads around France so you won’t be constantly overtaken by cars. 

Lovely Towns to Stop in

There will be endless sweet little towns and villages along your route to stop off in and have a wander around. Most of these will have an authentic and delicious French boulangerie in too, selling the best possible bread, pastry, and cake products to keep you going along your trip.

Stunning Countryside

You’ll pass through so many different areas all with their own unique atmosphere. Whether it’s rolling fields with huge poplar trees dotted along, or some rugged coastline, you won’t get bored of the beautiful sights.