3 Reasons to Visit Anakena, Chile While Exploring Easter Island

Anakena Beach on Easter Island in Chile
Anakena Beach on Easter Island in Chile. Image by MaRabelo/Depositphotos

Easter Island is one of the most spectacular attractions that Chile has in store and tiny wonders are scattered all around it. Anakena is one of its best-hidden secrets and here are three reasons why you shouldn’t miss it for the world while exploring this ancient island.

Sandy Beach

Easter Island is best known for its rocky coastline and you won’t stumble upon many sandy beaches here, but Anakena is one of the rare expectations. This white-sand beach with turquoise waters and a grove of palm trees will make you see Easter Island in a whole new light.

Moai Statues

Easter Island wouldn’t be the same without moai statues that you can find on its ground and Anakena is home to quite a few. Ahu-Ature is home to a single, larger statue, while several smaller ones are a part of Ahu Nao-Nao. However, two of them were broken and they look almost unrecognizable without their heads.

Ancient Legends

Not much is known about Anakena’s history, but there are many myths and legends surrounding its past. According to one of them, it was a landing place of Hotu Matu’a, the first settler of Easter Island, who led a two-canoe Polynesian settlement party to this island.