3 Reasons to Visit Arikok National Park While in Aruba

Arikok National Park in Aruba
Arikok National Park in Aruba. Image by Bjørn Christian Tørrissen/Wikipedia

Arikok National Park takes up about 18% of the island of Aruba, so it goes without saying it’s one of its most popular tourist attractions. If you ever visit this Caribbean island, Arikok is one of the first places that you should check out, and here are three reasons why it’s worth the visit.

Limestone Caves

Arikok National Park is home to some of Aruba’s most awe-inspiring limestone caves. Fontein Cave is best known for its brownish-red pictographs and wall art, while Quadirikiri Cave can be easily explored without any artificial lighting due to openings in the ceiling.

Breathtaking Hilltops

If you’re a sucker for a breathtaking panoramic view, this national park won’t leave you disappointed. It’s home to many amazing hilltops, including Arikok Hilltop and Jamanota Hilltop, that offer amazing views of all of Aruba from the island’s highest points.

Calm Waters

Arikok National Park will win you over with its calm waters. After exploring its beautiful beaches, including the sandy inlet Boca Prins, you should also take some time to explore Conchi. This natural pool is one of Arikok’s top attractions and rocky cliffs that surround it form a calm pond in the middle, protecting it from rough seas.