3 Reasons to Visit Hermitage Museum

The Hermitage museum is one of the largest museums on the planet—and the place where you can learn a lot about Russia. It’s located in St Petersburg, a city with a rich history that was the imperial capital for two centuries. Here are three reasons why we think everyone should visit it at least once.

Learn About Russian History

Anyone who wants to know more about the history of Russia should go to Hermitage. This is a place of the tremendous historical value, and the artifacts there will tell you more about the country’s past.

See the Impressive Collection

Hermitage is a home to 3.5 million items, and you can only see a fraction of them—but it’s still overwhelming. The museum is so huge that a few days are a minimum if you want to get a sense of all that’s inside. You will need more time to inspect specific collections.

Check Out Cleopatra

The Egyptian collection has been a part of the museum since the late 19th century. It contains a statue of Cleopatra that dates back to the 1st century BC and other impressive works.