3 Reasons to Visit Tampere While in Finland

Tampere, Finland.
Tampere, Finland. Photo by Frans Leivo on Unsplash

People visiting Finland usually go to Helsinki and call it a day, but this isn’t the only amazing city that this Nordic country has in store. Tampere is one of the most charming places you can visit in Finland and it deserves a spot on your bucket list for more reasons than one.

Amazing Museums

Museum dwellers will feel right at home in Tampere because it’s home to countless museums exploring a wide range of different topics. The Moomin Museum and Sara Hilden Art Museum are the best fit for art lovers, while fans of interactive museums should check out Museum Centre Vapriikki and Spy Museum.

Interesting Architecture

Tampere will also win you over with its diverse architecture, ranging from classic buildings to modern gems. Red-brick buildings are scattered all around it, but its cityscape is also defined by many neoclassical buildings, with many examples of contemporary architecture emerging in the city center.

Kid-Friendly Attractions

You won’t be disappointed by Tampere if you’re visiting it with your entire family because it’s home to several kid-friendly attractions. The amusement park Särkänniemi is one of the very best, and it offers everything from rollercoasters to an aquarium and planetarium.