Fremantle, Australia is Home to Some Pretty Quirky Museums

North Fremantle WA, Australia
North Fremantle WA, Australia. Photo by Nathan Hurst on Unsplash

Fremantle is one of the most popular day-trip destinations to visit from Perth. Given its rich and interesting history, it doesn’t come as a surprise that amazing museums are scattered all around this Australian city. Some of them are pretty quirky and that happens to be the case with these three.

WA Maritime Museum

This waterfront museum in the heart of Victoria Quay tourist precinct is one of the symbols of Fremantle’s rich maritime history. You’ll discover a wide range of iconic vessels during your visit, but you can also check out exhibits dedicated to maritime trade and naval defense and attend submarine tours.

WA Shipwrecks Museum

Located in close proximity to the WA Maritime Museum, this museum is also a part of the Western Australian Museum branch. It’s one of the leading maritime archaeology and shipwreck conservation museum in this part of the world and it’s dedicated to documenting shipwrecks and their relics.

Fremantle Prison Museum

If we had to pick an attraction that this charming town is best known for, Fremantle Prison would make the cut. It’s been transformed into a prison museum during the 90s, offering interactive cultural exhibits on convict life in this institution over the years.