3 Reasons You Should Visit Gorski Kotar, Croatia

Gorski Kotar, Croatia
Gorski Kotar, Croatia. Photo by Ozren Cuculic on Unsplash

While the capital of Zagreb may be the heart of the action, there are several other areas in Croatia that will also provide you with an unforgettable vacation if you take the time to explore them. Here are three reasons why Gorski Kotar may just be the holiday gem that you need to visit on your next Croatia trip.

Lakes And Waterfalls

Gorski Kotar’s waterfalls are a beautiful site to see, making them an ideal place to breathe in nature while getting some excellent vacation photos. What’s more, there are some breathtaking lakes such as Lokve Lake and Bajer Lake that will make your early morning hike totally worth it.


If you love meat, there’s perhaps no better place to be than Gorski Kotar. From roasted lamb and beef to pork, there’s a little something for everyone. Those who don’t partake in meat will have other scrumptious options including homemade cow’s milk cheese, potato dumplings, and apple strudels.

Great For All Seasons

No matter the weather, Gorski Kotar has something to offer. In winter, you can enjoy the deep snow in the winter wonderland while in the summer, there are plenty of hiking trails to explore and lakes to swim in.