A Day Well Spent in Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua, Guatemala
Antigua, Guatemala. Photo by Parker Hilton on Unsplash

If you’re looking to escape New York for a few days, or anywhere cold and loud, we have got you covered with this exhilarating and budget friendly itinerary to Antigua, Guatemala. Enjoy hours in the sun, and taste unbelievable chocolate and coffee, and trek up to live volcanos.

Guatemala City, Antigua

Assuming you fly into Gutamala City, Antigua is about an hour drive from the airport on a good traffic day. We recommend booking a shuttle in advance for around $20 or a taxi. It’s also safest to travel there during the day. Enjoy your stay at many budget friendly hostels, hotels, and luxury accommodations!

Walking Tour of Antigua

Start your day with a guided walking tour of Antigua, and walk through the narrow cobblestone streets as you explore historic ruins, colonial architecture, art, and haunting volcanic views. Antigua is a UNISCO World Herritage site for a reason , and simply walking through out will be a sight to remember. Be sure to stop at one of the several cafes for some of the tastiest coffees in the world as you overlook the mountainous views.

ChocoMuseo La Antigua

Stop in this museum and factory to learn about the history of cacao in Guatemala, the process of chocolate making and extraction from trees. Try your hand at a chocolate making class and eat your weight in artisan chocolates. This is a must for any trip to Gutamala.

Pacaya Volcano

Take a day hike from Antigua to this active volcano with a guided experience, and experience the heat of moltan lava up close. Make sure to bring some sticks and marshmallows for the ultimate campfire experience!

Street Market

End your day in the street market where you will have the chance to sample Mayan cuisine and shop for art, textiles, and many other unique souvenirs to remember your trip by!