24 Hours in Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville, Kentucky
Louisville, Kentucky. Photo by Miles Manwaring on Unsplash

If you’re craving a city getaway with excellent midwestern and southern charm, then look no further than Louisville, Kentucky, home of KFC, bourbon, and the Kentucky Derby. This is a great destination to travel with friends, or with the whole family!

Kentucky Derby

If you are a fan of horse racing and betting, place your bets this year at the Kentucky Derby, taking place on May 4th. This year will be the 150th derby, and is a great way to get an authentic feel for Kentucky culture.

Old Louisville

Head to Old Louisville where you can explore the charming streets and some of the countries oldest, and sprawling mansions! Book a ghost tour to learn about the spooky history of these mansions and people who lived in them. Pop into many of the delicious restaurants that line the streets as well.

Bourbon Distillery

Once you’ve eaten, visit some of the many local Kentucky distilleries in Old Louisville and sample some of Kentucky’s finest bourbon. A popular choice is Old Forester Distilling Co., but you really cannot go wrong with any that you choose!

The Speed Art Museum 

Head to this contemporary art museum to see Kentucky art and Native American artifacts!

Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory

Finally, head to this museum to learn about the history of American baseball, the Louisville Sluggers, and the production of Slugger wooden baseball bats. Be sure to pose by the largest baseball bat installation outside the museum.