3 Spots Every Museum Dweller Should Visit in Djerba, Tunisia

Guellala, Djerba, Tunisia
Photo by Anes mchayaa on Unsplash

Djerba is one of Tunisia’s most charming resorts, but there’s so much more to it than its sun-kissed Mediterranean beaches. If you’re a passionate museum dweller looking forward to exploring Tunisia’s art and culture during your visit, here are three museums worth checking out on this tiny island.

Guellala Museum

Safely tucked away in the village of Guellala, this museum offers an interesting showcase of Djerbian heritage. It showcases a diverse array of exhibits, covering different aspects of life in Djerba, ranging from African modern art to Djerbian traditions and rituals that capture the soul of this region.

Lalla Hadria Museum

Located inside Djerba Explore Park, this museum offers a rich panorama of the Tunisian art world. It’s home to over 1,000 pieces, ranging from textiles and pottery to costumes and jewelry, divided into 15 rooms that cover 13 centuries of art and history in this African country.


If a visit to open-air museums happens to be your idea of fun, Djerbahood will knock you off your feet. It’s basically an outdoor art gallery, created by artists from all over the world, who gathered in the tiny village of Erriadh. It transformed its streets into a vibrant open-air exhibition featuring around 250 murals and graffiti.