3 Spots in Sydney Every Sports Lover Should Visit

If you’re a sports lover visiting Sydney, you won’t leave this city disappointed. Australia’s biggest cultural center is home to many sports facilities that stand as a constant reminder of its rich athletic culture.

ANZ Stadium

ANZ Stadium was the host of the 2000 Summer Olympics, so it goes without saying it’s the first spot you should visit in Sydney. It was the largest Olympic Stadium ever built at the time, and it now hosts rugby, soccer, cricket events, and live concerts.

Sydney Olympic Park

ANZ Stadium is only one of the spots at the Sydney Olympic Park where you can explore the city’s Olympic past. This suburb is actually home to many other smaller venues used during the Olympics, but the New South Wales Hall of Champions is also worth checking out.

Sydney Cricket Ground

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in Australia, but it’s not the only one played at this stadium—despite what its name may suggest. The SCG is a popular arena for a wide range of sports—including rugby and football—and it’s also home to the Sydney Cricket Ground Museum.