3 Streets in São Paulo, Brazil That Every Passionate Shopaholic Should Visit

São Paulo, Brazil
São Paulo, Brazil. Photo by Wylkon Cardoso on Unsplash

If shopping happens to be the essential part of your trips, you probably enjoy discovering busy shopping streets in each new city that you visit. São Paulo is home to quite a few and here are three worth checking out when looking for the best shopping experience in this Brazilian metropolis.

Rua Oscar Freire

If we had to pick a single street that passionate shopaholics shouldn’t miss in São Paulo, Rua Oscar Freire would make the cut. If you’re looking for a luxury shopping experience, this is the place to be because this street is home to countless designer stores from Louis Vuitton and Armani to Versace and Marc Jacobs.

Rua 25 de Marco

If you don’t feel like spending a fortune on designer clothes, Rua 25 de Marco will give you a more modest and authentic shopping experience. It’s a popular shopping street where prices are low and the crowds are large, with three major malls located in its surroundings.

Paulista Avenue

Paulista is São Paulo’s most popular avenue. It’s not known as a shopping street alone, but it’s highly likely you’ll do some shopping while exploring it because it’s home to several large-scale shopping malls, starting with Market Paulista.