Top 3 Attractions to Check Out at Costa Rica’s Arenal National Park

Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica's Arenal National Park.
Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica's Arenal National Park. Photo by Vera on Unsplash

Nature lovers will feel right at home in Costa Rica, especially if they decide to check out one of its magnificent national parks. Arenal National Park is the perfect fit, and here are three attractions that deserve a spot on your travel itinerary if you decide to pay it a visit.

Arenal Volcano

Breathtaking volcanos are scattered all around Costa Rica, but none of them compares to Arenal. The fact it’s the most active of all the volcanoes in Costa Rica isn’t stopping it from being one of its most popular attractions, especially since its dormant period which kicked off in 2010.

Lake Arenal

Volcanic crater lakes are pretty common in areas with high volcanic activity, but Lake Arenal doesn’t fall under this category. This lake is connected to the building of the nearby Arenal dam, and it tripled in size since its construction, becoming Costa Rica’s largest lake.

Arenal Hanging Bridges

If you’re in the mood to take an exciting walking tour around Arenal National Park, it’s highly likely you’ll cross one of Arenal Hanging Bridges at some point. This series of suspension bridges is one of the national park’s most picture-perfect attractions, with amazing views of the lake and volcano in the distance.