3 Stunning Skyscrapers Dominating Panama City’s Skyline

F&F Tower, Panama City, Panama
F&F Tower, Panama City, Panama. Photo by BETZY AROSEMENA on Unsplash

Panama City’s skyline significantly changed over the course of the past two decades, with several super-tall buildings emerging seemingly out of nowhere. The capital of Panama is now home to more skyscrapers than we can count, and here are three that you couldn’t miss even if you wanted to.

JW Marriott Panama

The tallest building in Panama, and Central America at large, was completed in 2011. It’s 284 meters high and covers 70 years, including everything from a five-star hotel and casino to an office tower, business center, retail shops, wellness center, and so much more.

The Point

No matter where you find yourself during your visit to Panama City, you’ll most likely see this skyscraper in the distance. Due to its central location and imposing height of 266 meters, The Point was once Panama’s tallest building and it still remains one of the biggest stars of the city’s skyline.

F&F Tower

F&F Tower may not be one of the tallest buildings in Panama City, but it certainly stands out due to its unique designs. This ultramodern glass skyscraper is one of the biggest innovations and modern Latin American architecture, and it’s known by the nickname El Tornillo (The Screw) thanks to its quirky and unusual shape.