Things Every Tourist Should Know Before Traveling to Monaco

Aerial view of Monaco
Photo by Matthias Mullie on Unsplash

Monaco is often considered a vacation spot for rich people and celebrities. However, that doesn’t mean regular tourists can’t come and see what this city-state has to offer. But there are a few things every tourist should know before traveling to Monaco.

Everything is Expensive

Everything in Monaco is pricier compared to most other tourist destinations. Be prepared to pay more than you used to for services and goods, especially if you are visiting high-end restaurants and luxury stores.

Gambling is Legal, But Only for Tourists

Monaco has made gambling legal and has various casinos that allow you to try your luck at slots, roulette tables, and other games. The interesting thing is that only tourists can gamble, with locals not being allowed in gambling establishments.

There’s a Dress Code

Monaco has a strict dress code that applies to both tourists and locals. One of its strict rules is that you are not allowed to walk around in your swimwear anywhere else but on the beach.

Visiting During Formula 1 Weekend is a Nightmare

It might sound like a good idea to visit Monaco and catch a Formula One race along the way. However, it is probably better to avoid it. During Monaco Grand Prix, the city is super crowded, everything is even more expensive, and you won’t get to experience everything it has to offer.