3 Things to Keep in Mind Before Going to Valencia, Spain’s City of Arts and Sciences

Valencia, Spain's City of Arts and Sciences
Valencia, Spain's City of Arts and Sciences. Photo by Hasmik Ghazaryan Olson on Unsplash

A visit to Valencia, Spain is incomplete if you don’t check out the City of Arts and Sciences, one of its most popular and Instagram-friendly attractions. This breathtaking cultural and architectural complex has countless amazing attractions in store and here are three things that you should keep in mind before checking it out.

Don’t Rush Things

The City of Arts and Sciences offers several buildings on its premises, housing a planetarium, oceanographic park, interactive museum, sculpture and plant garden, and so much more. Exploring it takes time and energy, and you should set a whole day aside to do it properly.

Ticket Type

You can visit the City of Arts and Sciences without exploring every building it has in store inside-out. This entrainment complex offers several different types of tickets to visitors, so pick the one that includes attractions that you really want to see.

Big Crowds

Get ready to deal with the big crowds when visiting this attraction because it’s one of Spain’s most popular kid-friendly spots. School trips are common here and the City of Arts and Sciences will be crawling with kids, even on a work day. If you’re only interested in this attraction from the architectural point of view, you can stick to exploring its exterior for free.