3 Things You Should Experience In Cameroon

Image via Imgur

Cameroon is the most diverse country on the African continent. Due to its various terrain and wildlife there is much to see and do there. We present to you 3 things you should experience while exploring this African beauty.

Drink Ginger Beer

Ginger Beer is a refreshing beverage that is very popular in West Africa. It is a non-alcoholic drink that can be consumed by both children and adults. This healthy, delicious beer is made of ginger, lime, peppercorns, water and raw sugar.

Explore Waza National Park

Cameroon has 7 national parks and the most popular one is the Waza National Park. It was funded 84 years ago, in 1934 and it was originally a national hunting reserve. There are 30 mammal species there, such as elephants, red-fronted gazelles, lions, and it is the home to one of the last populations of Kordofan giraffe.


Conquer Mount Cameroon

Mount Cameroon is an active volcano situated near the Gulf of Guinea. At 4,095 meters, it is the highest mountain in West Africa. For the hiking lovers, in every January or February there is an annual, televised race called The Mount Cameroon Race of Hope. The last eruption happened in 2000.