3 Thrilling & Dangerous Hikes for Risk-Takers

Outdoor adventures are already an exciting element of life for many. However, thrill-seekers and risk-takers are always looking to take things to the next level, and we are here to provide. Here is some information on three of the most dangerous hiking trails in the world. 

Mount Hua Shan, China

Widely regarded as the most dangerous hike in the world, Mount Hua Shan is a mountain ascent with nearly the entire trail formed of narrow wooden planks secured to the side of the mountain and an iron chain for trekkers to hook on to for safety. At one point, even the planks disappear and travelers are left to navigate the side of the mountain with a series of small holes in the rock.

El Caminito del Rey, Spain

Located in the El Chorro Gorge in Spain, this path originally served as a route for workers to access a hydroelectric plant. Two miles of concrete and steel hang from sheer cliffs, 100 feet above the ground, and with the passage of time some sections of the path have fallen away entirely. The trail is officially closed while the Spanish government performs reconstruction, but the trail will remain treacherous. In spite of the closure, hikers still enter the dangerous, incomplete trail to test their nerves.

Mount Washington, New Hampshire

Mount Washington is not an imposing peak, nor does it feature the extreme walkways found in the former two locations. Nonetheless, ascent is not easy, and it is one of the most dangerous hiking trails in the world due to its extreme temperatures and weather. Hikers have died from hypothermia, avalanches, and even extreme winds simply blowing them from the side of the mountain. The mountain is actually the location of the highest wind-speed ever recorded, which reached 231 mph at the summit. It has held this record since 1934.