3 Tips For Avoiding Getting Sick After Flying

Tips to avoid getting sick after traveling.
Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Do you feel like every time you travel you end up getting sick when you return home? It’s frustrating—right? While you may be sick from the food or drinks you had, you’re most likely getting a cold from your time being on the airplane. But there are some simple yet effective ways to help prevent getting sick after flying. Here are three of them to try before your next vacation.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking lots of water will not only prevent you from getting a headache, stomach issues, and fatigue, it can also help keep you from getting sick. Make sure you stay hydrated before and throughout your flight and stay away from caffeinated drinks and alcohol.

Keep Your Hands Clean

You probably touch the armrest, air vents, seatbelts, and tray table more times than you can even imagine, which are full of germs, and then you touch your mouth. To prevent germs from spreading, just wash your hands before meals and after your flight. Be sure to bring some hand sanitizer and sanitizing cloths with you on the plane so you can wipe down surfaces before your meals.

Dental Hygiene

Keep your mouth clean with germ-killing mouthwash and by brushing your teeth. Your breath will smell good and you’ll kill any germs that are lingering.