3 Tips for Finding the Best Walking Tour in the City You’re Visiting

Walking tour
Photo by Kentaro Toma on Unsplash

Free walking tours are a great way to explore a new city, especially if you’re short on time. They allow you to check out and learn more about all the hot spots in the city in just a few hours. Most major cities have several free walking tours in store, and this brief guide will help you pick the right one.

Do Your Research

Don’t simply join the first walking tour that you stumble upon. Do your research and read reviews to find out what the tour has in store. Check if the schedule suits you and if their plan is covering all the attractions that you want to see before making the final verdict.

Ask Around

If you don’t want to rely on Google alone when looking for a perfect walking tour, you can always ask hostel staff for recommendations. Some of them are connected with local tour companies and they might even offer their own walking tours that you can join.

Special Walking Tours

If a regular walking tour taking you to the city’s top attractions simply doesn’t do it for you, check if the city in question has any special tours in store. There are tours focusing solely on art, architecture, and certain parts of the city’s history and culture, so try to find them if you have any special interests.