3 Towers That You Shouldn’t Miss in Tehran, Iran

Tehran, Iran
Tehran, Iran. Photo by hosein charbaghi on Unsplash

Over the course of the last decades, Tehran has established itself as one of the fastest-growing cities in the Middle East. The capital of Iran is home to many modern buildings attracting visitors to this country, including its stunning towers. Don’t miss these three.

Azadi Tower

Azadi Tower is one of the symbols of Tehran and it’s one of the city’s most recognizable attractions. It was built in 1971 in honor of the 2,500-year celebration of the Persian Empire and it now features an underground museum, gallery, and observation deck in the heart of Azadi Square.

Tehran International Tower

One of the best examples of modern architecture in Tehran, this building opened its doors in 2007, after over a decade in the making. It’s the tallest residential building in Iran and the only one that qualifies as a skyscraper at this point in time because it’s 162 meters tall.

Milad Tower

Tehran International Tower may be Iran’s tallest residential building, but the title of its tallest structure belongs to Milad Tower. At 435 meters, it’s the sixth-tallest tower in the entire world, and it serves as a telecommunication tower, with an observation deck and a revolving restaurant on its grounds.