How to Book Centrally-Located Accommodations and Still Save Money

Paris, France
Paris, France. Photo by Spencer Davis on Unsplash

Everyone dreams of enjoying views of the Eifel Tower from their window when visiting Paris, but accommodations in downtown locations usually cost a fortune—or do they? Most people book accommodations on the outskirts to save money, but centrally-located accommodations don’t always have to come with a high price tag.

Try Hostels

Hostels are the most affordable accommodation option, no matter where you’re going and you can save a fortune staying at one. Most major cities have a bunch of good options in the city center because amenities often play a more important role in determining the price than location.

Walk Around

When you’re staying on the outskirts, you’ll have to spend extra money on public transportation because major tourist attractions won’t be easily accessible by foot. You can avoid this added expense by booking centrally-located accommodations because you can easily walk around everywhere.

Switch Things Up

If the place you want to book is too expensive, how about just staying there for a day or two? You can find more affordable accommodations for the rest of your stay, while also treating yourself to a stay at a centrally-located hotel or apartment and using this time to explore all the major downtown attractions.