3 Unusual Foods to Try While Traveling

Trying new foods is a big part of travel culture for many people. In order to get to know a certain culture, you need to try their cuisine and learn what makes a certain dish so popular. Here are three unusual foods you can try while traveling.

Fried Spider – Cambodia

You can easily find deep fried tarantula spiders in Cambodia if you’re up for trying something exotic. They’re often served to tourists and are believed to make the person eating them more beautiful.

Fugu – Japan

Fugu is a poisonous fish that needs to be prepared in the right way in order to be safe for eating. Chefs undergo years of training before they’re allowed to serve fugu. It’s considered a delicacy and something you must try at least once.

Haggis – Scotland

Scotland’s national dish haggis is made with sheep’s pluck, onion, oatmeal, spices, and stock. It may not sound too appealing until you try it, but this dish has been popular for centuries for a reason.