3 Ways to Save Money on Food While Traveling

Gelato in Florence, Italy
Photo by Vanessa on Unsplash

After flights and accommodation, the most expensive aspects of travel are typically food and entertainment. While there are countless ways to enjoy a destination ranging from expensive excursions to free-admission museums, dining on a budget is a bit more complicated. If your accommodations don’t include access to a full kitchen, it’s easy to end up eating out for every meal, and the cost can add up quickly. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to save money on food wherever your travels take you. Read on for some of our best tips.

Keep breakfast simple

One of the easiest ways to save money while traveling is to purchase ingredients from a local grocery store and make your own breakfast. Foods such as instant oatmeal, cereal, or fruit and peanut butter are typically quite affordable and are easy to prepare when you don’t have access to a kitchen. Many hotels and hostels also offer complimentary tea and coffee.

Eat like a local

Fancy restaurants in high-traffic areas will often mark up their prices knowing that tourists are willing to pay for the convenience. When dining out on a budget, try to avoid tourist traps by doing some research about local markets or street food vendors, where you’re likely to find more affordable options. If you know anyone living in your destination, ask if there are any spots they recommend.

Pack snacks

When we travel, we tend to get hungry quite frequently—Walking around and exploring a new place can be physically taxing, and it’s important to eat enough to keep our energy levels up. If you can relate, it can be helpful to include a few pre-packaged snacks in your suitcase should you need them. Think healthy, nutrient-dense options like granola bars or mixed nuts.