4 Great Reasons To Visit The Caribbean

Image by Julius Silver from Pixabay

To be honest, we don’t think we need to give you a lot of reasons to visit this heaven on earth, but, just in case, let’s go over few of them together!  

Swimming With Pigs 

We’re not entirely sure how pigs came to be in the Caribbean, but we’re glad they’re here because swimming with these chubby, adorable creatures is undoubtedly a unique experience. 

The Best Coffee Ever  

A good cup of coffee goes a long way. A good cup of coffee in Jamaica, by the sea, can go even further. If you are a great coffee lover and want to know how the best coffee in the world is made, visit the Mavis Bank factory.  

Why’s The Rum Gone?

Ay, ay, captain. The capital of rum and the place that gave us Bob Marley are all in one place. Puerto Rico is always happy to welcome you with a glass of strong rum, cheerful reggae tunes and local hospitality. 

A Never-Ending Party 

The Caribbean can offer you the best party experience ever. You simply must visit the Soggy Dollar Bar, although you can only get there by swimming or with a private yacht, and your reward will be the best Painkiller cocktail in the world.