4 Important Things About Amsterdam, Netherlands, No One Tells You

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam, Netherlands. Photo by Red Morley Hewitt on Unsplash

You will probably be familiar with some basic facts and highlights of Amsterdam, Netherlands, before heading there. People will tell you all about special coffeeshops, the Red-Light District, bicycles, canals, and museums. However, there are important things about Amsterdam that no one tells you. Find them out below.

Walking on Bike Lane Can Be Dangerous

Locals prefer to use their bicycles to get around the city, and the bike lanes are usually crowded. This is why you should avoid walking on them at all costs. By walking on bike lanes, you will draw angry reactions and could even get hit by a bike.

You Can “Hitchhike” a Bike Ride

Cyclists in Amsterdam might look reckless, but they are also kind to strangers and will offer them rides if they get tired. If you spot a bicycle with a yellow rack at the back, just shout: “backie.” This will prompt the cyclist to stop and give you a ride.

Taking Photos in the Red-Light District is Forbidden

You might get tempted to snap a few photos while walking through the Red-Light district, but don’t. Taking photos is forbidden, and you might draw the anger of the workers or even have your camera confiscated.