Best Street Food You Should Try While in Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington, New Zealand
Wellington, New Zealand. Photo by Long Ling on Unsplash

Finding great food is really easy in Wellington, New Zealand. All you need to do is to take a stroll on the city’s streets, and you will be welcomed with food carts, food stalls, and small food joints that offer cheap and delicious eats. If you get overwhelmed with Wellington’s street food offerings, here are some recommendations on what to get first.

Fish and Chips

New Zealand is a former British colony, so it isn’t surprising that fish and chips are quite popular here. Some will even say that they are better than those you can find in London. This might be due to the special batter that results in a crispier fish as well as the fact that all the fish used for the dish is fresh and locally sourced.

Meat Pie

New Zealanders are proud of their meat pies, and once you try one, you’ll see why. They usually come as a crispy and flaky pastry filled with a combination of meat, veggies, and cheese. The dish is so popular in Wellington and other parts of the country that even McDonald’s was selling them at one point.


Hāngī is more of a cooking method than a dish. The term refers to food cooked in a pit oven called umu, with the method being used for various types of meats and veggies like potatoes and pumpkin. Hāngī food is widely available across Wellington, so make sure to try it.


Finally, if you are in the mood for dessert, then try Afghan biscuit. The batter for the biscuit is made by combining flour with butter, cornflakes, sugar, and cocoa powder, resulting in a dark chocolate color. After baking, the biscuit is topped with chocolate icing and decorated with walnuts.