4 Questions You Should Always Ask Locals When Traveling

What to ask locals
Photo by Pauline Loroy on Unsplash

Technology has changed the way we travel, and visiting our favorite destination is nowadays much easier and enjoyable thanks to the internet. Nevertheless, blogs and websites cannot replace all those interesting stories and tips that you can get from local people. That’s why we’ve rounded up a short list of questions that you should always ask locals when traveling.

What’s The Best Food To Try?

Trying local food is one of the best ways to experience different cultures and to elevate your travel experience. That’s why you should always ask locals for food recommendations, because they’ll give you the best insight into the local food scene.

How Safe Is The Area?

Safety should always be priority, especially for tourists who want to experience and enjoy the nightlife in a foreign country. For that reason, you should always ask around about safety of the area where you’re staying.

Where Would You Spend Friday Night?

Locals can help you discover a city in a totally different light and help you find some good bars, restaurants and other hidden gems that are worth visiting.

What Tourist Attractions Are Actually Worth It?

When traveling to a foreign city there’s usually a list of attractions that all tourist like to visit, but are they actually worth it? Locals can tell you all about these spots, whether or not you should visit or how to avoid the crowds if possible.