Fall Beach Vacations are Rising in Popularity

Woman sunbathing
Photo by Rafael Cisneros Méndez on Unsplash

Most people choose to go to the beach during the summer, as it’s when the weather is nicest. Home rental company Vrbo shared with Travel + Leisure this year, there’s a new vacation trend—fall beach trips. More and more Americans are choosing to push back their beach trips later in the year during shoulder season or what’s been called “second summer”.

We’ve had to push back our vacations a lot this year and with travel finally becoming an option and companies reopening their borders, it makes sense that people are choosing to take beach vacations later in the year.

“This year, families have taken longer vacations to make up for lost time and because their work or school schedules have been more flexible. Having experienced the booking spree for vacation homes this summer, travelers may also be taking their beach or lake vacation later because they just couldn’t get the house or condo they wanted in July or August,” Vrbo’s travel expert Melanie Fish told the news outlet.

Vacationing in the fall means fewer crowds and cheaper prices. The weather is still really nice, and it’s even a bit more bearable since it’s not as humid and sticky. In regards to where people are vacationing, hotspots include Hawaii, the Southeast like the Outer Banks, North Carolina and Hilton Head, South Carolina.