4 Reasons Why You Should Visit Albania

Albania. Photo by Yves Alarie on Unsplash

Albania is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination in recent years, and rightfully so. The country’s diverse landscape, rich history, and unique attractions are enough to intrigue even the pickiest travelers. But don’t visit just because everyone is doing it. Instead, do it for one of the reasons below.

Amazing Beaches

This might surprise you, but Albania actually has some of the best beaches in this part of Europe. It’s all about palm trees, white sand, and the feel of tropical paradise. This is especially the case in places like Ksamil and Sarande.

Tasty Food

Like all Balkans, Albania takes a lot of pride in its cuisine. Here you’ll have a chance to try some of the best dishes you have ever eaten, regardless of whether you prefer street food or restaurant experience. Try its national dish Tavë Kosi, börek, and some of the deserts like baklava.

Historic Sites

Through centuries, Albania was inhabited by Illyrian tribes and Greek tribes while being occupied by Rome, Byzantine, and Ottoman Empire at various points. As a result, the country is full of archeological points of interest and sites that will astonish history buffs.

Friendly Locals and Vibrant Culture

Albania welcomes its visitors with arms wide open, which alone should be enough to ensure you will have a great time. The locals are friendly and won’t hesitate to help you get to know their native country better or introduce you to their vibrant culture.