Things You Probably Should Know Before Visiting Aruba

Aruba. Photo by Gregory Wangsadikrama on Unsplash

Aruba is often underrated as a vacation spot. Despite not being as popular as some other islands in the Caribbean, Aruba actually has all the makings of a tropical paradise. Besides the sunny weather and clear skies for most of the year, the island also has majestic beaches, intriguing wildlife, superb cuisine, and plenty of other attractions.

If this convinced you to include it on your travel list, check out the things you should probably know before visiting.

U.S. Citizens Don’t Need Visa

The great thing about Aruba is that U.S. citizens don’t require a visa. The same applies to EU countries, since Aruba is actually part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, while the UK, Canada, and Ireland are also exempt. All visitors get a free stamp upon arrival that grants them 30 days stay.

The Best Way to Get Around is By Car

If you don’t want to spend your entire stay on the beach, then you will need a car. Renting a car is the best way to get around Aruba if you wish to explore it, as other options like taxis can be unreliable and/or expensive.

Communication is Real Easy

Locals speak the Papiamento language, which is derived from several other languages like Dutch, English, and Spanish. However, communication comes easy since English is widely spoken on the island as well.

U.S. Dollar is the Best Currency to Have

Aruba’s official currency is called florin. However, since the florin is pegged to the U.S. dollar, the latter is also commonly accepted throughout the country. Of course, the banks and exchange offices will also exchange other major currencies.

Gambling is Legal

Gambling is entirely legal in Aruba, so you can freely engage in this activity if that is something you enjoy. There are many casinos on the island as a result, and almost every resort has one.