3 Tips for Taking Tripod Travel Photos Without Feeling Weird

Photo by Trevor McKinnon on Unsplash

Taking good photos when you’re a solo traveler isn’t an easy task. Regular selfies just don’t work and you don’t want to bother strangers too much, so a tripod is often your best bet. The only downside is that you might feel weird taking photos this way and these useful tips will help you feel more comfortable.

Practice at Home

Don’t wait until you reach your destination to figure out how your tripod works. Master the basics at home, learn to set it up quickly, and do a little bit of practicing so you know exactly what to do once you take it on the road with you.

Perfect Frame

Don’t step into the picture before you figure out what you want in the frame. The uncomfortable part comes once you start taking photos of yourself, but you can take your time before you step into the frame. Figure out what you want in your photo and set the frame before setting the timer and stepping in.

Timing is Everything

Taking tripod photos is a risky business and you shouldn’t be surprised if you end up getting a strange look or two. There’s no guarantee you’ll ever be able to avoid this issue, but you can try to by taking your photos earlier in the day, when the city is not so crowded.